"I sometimes think that the act of bringing food is one of the basic roots of all relationship"-Dalai Lama

Welcome To Shambala-The Best Tibetan Restaurant in Montreal!

Mystical Oasis - Attracting adventurous gourmands with a penchant for the exotic, Restaurant Shambala promises Montrealers an authentic taste of Tibetan cuisine in the heart of downtown Montreal. Featuring a simple decor that includes high-ceilings, decorative moldings and a Zen-like sophistication, the entire restaurant is imbued with subtle Tibetan influences that combine to make this charming eatery a mystical oasis just waiting to be discovered. Sunken seating areas surrounded by cushions are found at the front and the back of this cozy restaurant converted from what was once a house.

Distinctive Scents and Flavours - Straddling the borders of China to the east and India to the west, Tibetan cuisine has grown out of the fusion of these two culinary traditions over many centuries, adding its own distinctive scents and flavours along the way. And while the roots of Tibetan cuisine can be found in Chinese and Indian cooking, Tibet itself is divided into three separate provinces, each with their own unique culinary traditions. That being said, the menu at Shambala offers a little something from every region in Tibet including their famous thenthuk soup (a thick broth with special 'pulled' noodles, beef or vegetables), traditional Tibetan dumplings (with beef, tofu, cheese or potatoes), butter tea (with butter, milk, water and salt) and various other savoury delicacies and vegetarian dishes. An ideal spot for diners tired of the same old, Shambala Restaurant invites you to sample all that Tibetan culture has to offer.


Seating Capacity: 50 to 60 people
Table d'Hote: Table d'hote specials available throughout the week.
Reservations: Reservations recommended (especially on weekends).
Gift Shop: Check out the gift shop selling various Tibetan handicrafts.

Business Hours

Monday 5:00-10:30 pm
Tuesday 5:00-10:30 pm
Wednesday 5:00-10:30 pm
Thursday 12:00-10:30 pm
Friday 12:00-10:30 pm
Saturday 5:00-10:30 pm
Sunday 5:00-10:30 pm